Eagle Project Day Two

A slew of work was accomplished on Rex's Eagle Project this weekend. Team work is a beautiful thing, especially when you are racing to finish before the rain hits. And man! did it hit this weekend.

More manly rock removal happened, benches were built...

with torch help.

It's looking GREAT!!!

A big part of an Eagle project is getting the funding for materials. Tonight will be an opportunity for Rex to present his project with hopes of receiving funding for the final stage of the project: materials and delivery for the paving.

Looking forward to being there with you, Rex.


Alison said…
Are you accepting pay pal donations for this project? I was happy to help out with a modest donation for Zack and would like to for Rex as well. Let me know.

Di said…
Thank you for asking. At the meeting last night, Rex did receive the funding he THOUGHT he needed. BUT, he found out later last night that he will need to replace the bench boards with a different type of wood...there will be additional cost for that. So, I think the answer is yes! My paypal email is the same as the blog email: acircleofquiet@yahoo.com. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and will serve the school community well. Again, THANK YOU for your generosity.

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