A letter in the mail

Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls; for, thus friends absent speak.
~John Donne

Letter writing has begun again. It is hard for me to put pen to paper, and even harder for me to get that envelope to the mailbox, but the reward of renewed friendships is worth it. And what a joy to get letters in the mail amongst the too many bills and the VISA offers.

The time it takes to write, to mail, to wait and to respond brings a blessing of a different sort. Slower, something that can be held in the hand, paper and ink and stamp and time...I am happy to return to this gift of friendship.

Please write again soon. Though my own life is filled with activity, letters encourage momentary escape into others lives and I come back to my own with greater contentment.
~ Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey


Anonymous said…
About a year ago I started writing letters and notes here and there to old friends or people I wanted to share a little encouragement with. It's nice to know I'm not the only one sending a little love the old fashioned way. :)
stephseef said…
how i treasure the one i received last week that is tucked in my nighstand with the keepers. love and miss you and all that. and, congrats giants. :)
Anonymous said…
Good luck with your own letter-writing endeavors. You might check out "The Things Unsaid Project" (www.thingsunsaidproject.wordpress.com). Knowing how I fancy letters, a co-worker turned me onto it last week. Neat stuff.

Carol in Oregon said…
Ah, Di...

Two friends recently moved away. One doesn't do email/internet. We used to connect at church. So now it is letter-writing if I'm to maintain the friendship.

Hand-written letters are a treasure.

Quote I came upon today:
"Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude and good company." ~ Lord Byron



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