The Fourth Sunday in Advent

I am not worthy, O Lord and Master, that You should enter under the roof of my soul; but since You in Your love for men do will to dwell in me, I take courage and approach. You command I will open wide the doors which You alone did create, that You may enter with love as is Your nature, enter and enlighten my darkened thought. I believe that You will do this, for You did not banish the Harlot who approached You with tears, nor did You reject the Publican who repented, nor did You drive away the Thief who acknowledged Your Kingdom, nor did You leave the repentant persecutor (Paul) to himself; but all who had been brought to You by repentance You did set in the company of Your friends, O You Who alone are blessed always, now and to endless ages. Amen.

~St. John Chrysostom~


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