And then she turned 84

As many of you know, in June of 2009 my mother was diagnosed with bile duct cancer and given four to six months to live.

This last weekend she turned eighty-four.

Can I say that again? This last weekend she turned EIGHTY-FOUR!

Love you, Mama, and give thanks for each day of life we share together.


Madelaine said…
Yay! Happy birthday, Grandma. :)
janelle said…
Happy Birthday to your precious Mother! What a great day to celebrate her!!
stephseef said…
I love Queen Jean. Happy birthday, lady. Every second is a gift. Thanks for living like you both know that's true.

Alison said…
May it be a merry day at Holly Oaks! 84 lucky years. Happy Birthday, Jean.
Kathie said…
Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday to your sweet mom!!

PS and a very thoughtful SIL and grandson!
DebD said…
what a great gift. I was just reading an article about 4 women who have long outlived their terminal diagnosis. Each were given less than a year to live and all have gone on to live years beyond that.

Happy Birthday and many years to your mama.
elizabeth said…
Many many years!! She is so beautiful!!


Beautiful flowers she was given too!!
Les said…
Marvelous! You have a beautiful family and the love shines through in your mama's eyes.

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