Napa: Phase Two

There's no longer any doubt in my mind about the beauty of Napa in the spring.  The vines are bright green, straight and endless and everywhere.  The stone buildings, the dark wood barn doors, the roses lined up at the edge of the fields, the mounds of blooming is one gasp of beauty after another.

Wineries are beautiful places, too.  Comfortable seating, gorgeous landscape, friendly smiles and good wine. 

Little did we know when we arrived in Yountville on Thursday that our first stop would be the highlight, the standard to meet, the "you won the lottery" winery of the trip.  Hope and Grace lived up to its name:  Matthew was a gifted tasting guru, the cafe table in the courtyard provided us with seating for long conversation and a selection of unbelievably good wine.  We even enjoyed the companionship of a beautiful winery dog:  Romeo.

 Romeo, waiting for Juliet?

We walked, we sat, we solved problems, we told stories, we commiserated, we rejoiced, we wondered, and we laughed a lot. 

And that is the best kind of beautiful.

We savored the fellowship, down to the very last drop.


Carol in Oregon said…
Oh, Di! This is glorious! I especially like the last drop.

Someday Curt and I are going to come taste wine with you. Yep, we are!

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