Putting the leaf back in the table

Sometime in June I took a leaf out of the table. There was not going to be a day for the rest of the summer when even six of us would be here for dinner; the circle would be enough.

Every morning it hit me, sort of like those "what is wrong with this picture?" games.  The table was too small, and yet it was just right.

Today we put the leaf back in. Everyone is home for two short weeks, and we are beginning to ascend to the routines of autumn.  Madelaine will leave on the 2nd of September, but for now everyone is home.  And I am happy.


Cindy Marsch said…
I can identify! When we're all six at home we have the table pulled out from the wall, but when we're down to five or fewer we put one end up against the wall. On Saturday night and for Sunday afternoon dinner we had six around the table (actually just squeezed three on one side), but we won't need it pulled out again for our family until at least Thanksgiving, if not Christmas.
Lori said…
I don't need it for a couple of weeks yet, but I also put a leaf back in the table...in anticipation of the MUCH awaited homecoming of our Canadian girl. Soon the house will be full to overflowing. Our friend Cassio moves in this week and Cameron will also be home a bit more for the rest of the summer. The table feels right. :-)
Carol in Oregon said…
Enjoy your togetherness. ♥
Molly Sabourin said…
Oh Diane,

Your peaceful and beautiful little space on the internet here is just my speed! Your blog is lovely. Yes, enjoy your togetherness! Of course, I loved the photos in this post!

I'll be back!

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