Ulrich Schaffer (1942- ) for Laur

We ask ourselves what is behind it all
and meet the unanswerable a thousand times
and yet continue to be drawn
to the many doors of life.

We hesitate, but want to go on.
We are fearful, but want to learn.
We are timid, but want to be courageous.
We shrink back, and yet want to grow.

We have to take courage and jump.
We have to cut the ropes and set ourselves adrift.
We have to leave the solid ground to learn to swim.
We have to sacrifice our security and take risks.

Then we will experience God as the hand in the abyss,
as the net under the high wire,
as lifeboat on the high seas,
as ground under our feet.

from Surprised by Light, 1980


Anonymous said…
Like others I am sure, I have heard it called "The Leap of Faith." Also, recently I saw on a t-shirt this message, "Prayer The world's greatest wireless connection."
Glad I stopped by today! love and prayers, jep

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