Christmas doings

 The transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas is quick around here.  We are the early tree people, up the hill by 9:30 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving, looking for the perfect tree at the budget lot in apple country.


It was just the four of us this year, what with one far away college girl and two boys working their retail jobs on that most retail-focused day.

The sun sparkled, the tree is too small, but the company was excellent.

With Sophie's careful supervision, I made a wreath of ornaments.


I love the muted tones so much.

And then there was the annual "knock some mistletoe off the tree" event.  Safety glasses next year perhaps?

But shopping?  I seem to be in a serious denial rut.  Better.Get.Moving.


chris said…
great pix! i'm glad you two had such a good (extended) birthday weekend, and i hope Madelaine's finals went really well...

p.s.: as far as Chistmas goes, i'm way behind-er than you...
Keli Gwyn said…
Sounds like you had a great time. I'd like to see a picture of the wreath. It sounds lovely.
Skeller said…
love the pictures, love the tradition, love having a tree up right after T-day (we're early tree people, too!).

praying for college girl during her finals. i just know you're counting down the days til she's home again.

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