"You're Half a Century, Dad!"

In celebration of my favorite man's birthday, we had a quiet afternoon and evening:

Cookies and milk

Birthday tradition:  Dutch babies

Singing and celebration

But the real party was on Sunday.

Thanks to the generosity of friends, we were at the 49er game.  It was an absolute blast.

Frank Gore broke the team record for rushing yards, the team clinched the NFC West, and the 49ers shut out the St. Louis Rams.  

What a perfect birthday celebration.

Happy 5-0!


Keli Gwyn said…
Happy birthday, John! I hope your family treats you to a celebration fit for a king.
Madelaine said…
You look gorgeous in that picture, Mom. You and Dad both!
Di said…
Thanks, Madelaine.

stephseef said…
Beautiful! Happy day, John. Packers clinched, too. Very interesting to see what the weeks ahead will hold. But seeing you both enjoy the game? Highlight of my day. Love!!
Unknown said…
Thanks, Di. It really was a great day. Lots of blessings and gifts.

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