Brother and sister


This is one of my favorite non-bride & groom pictures from my son's wedding.  She is so beautiful, he is so handsome, and I am so proud to be their mother. 

Photo credit:  Juliet


Pen Wilcock said…
They are indeed lovely. Their eyes are clear and true.
Alison said…
I watched the video of the ceremony, and it was so beautiful. I cried thinking of your whole family there celebrating. And I particularly thought of you and how proud you must have been of all your children. I LOVED all the white dresses the bridesmaids bought. Did you buy them all in the same place? You looked gorgeous, too, Di. It must have been all the joy--you glowed. :)
Di said…

The girls were on their own to find dresses within the "cream" color. Claire got her dress from Mod Cloth; I found Madelaine's (J Crew, tags on) at a consignment store for $14. It was the find of the year. She loves it.

Thanks for watching the was beautiful, magical even, and I was so happy to have my family together, to see their smiling faces, and to witness my son's marriage to a fantastic girl. We are still rolling on the wave of blessing that was unleashed in that green field (-:

Are you home yet? You need to start a blog so I can see more of your pictures and read your stories. I KNOW you have stories!

Molly Sabourin said…
Oh Diane, congratulations! I love that photo, and yes, they are both so lovely! Joy and peace to all of you!!
Kathie said…
No wonder you're proud - what lovely children! I've been enjoying the wedding pictures via fb. Such a beautiful occasion. And you looked fabulous!
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