I wouldn't stop the time, even if I could.

But I stare at those rosy cheeks and suddenly I can feel the warmth of her summer-kissed skin, and I smile because even then she had a book with her.

I can almost hear the giggles.  

Tonight I feel nostalgic.

Especially tonight, when my daughter has a birthday far away.  
She will be home in a few weeks, to celebrate my birthday and Claire's baptism and to have some time to pet the dog and cook and read and rest at home, but it will be a quick week and then she is back for her senior year.
Twenty-two looks so beautiful on her.  And her sun-kissed skin and dimples and true smile are a gift of grace and hope.
Happy birthday, dear Madelaine.

You are loved!


Alison said…
You always write so beautifully about your children. What a gift.
Madelaine said…
Thanks, Mom. :) That's a cute picture. I like how Zack is being squirrely. :) love you lots.
diablo 3 gold said…
I think your kids are the presents god rewards you and I am so happy that they looks so joyful.

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