Monday, March 26, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

On my morning blog rounds, I discovered that Seasonal Soundings had chosen me as one of five blogs that make her think. High praise, as this woman is one who has contributed to my thinking and learning for several years. Before either of us were blogging, her posts on a homeschool message board gave me practical ideas galore and plenty of inspiration. Thanks for the honor, my friend.

For more information on the Thinking Blogger Award, click here.

As a result of the award, I get to choose five of my favorite "make me think" blogs. I have chosen the following:


I still remember the day I found Wittingshire. I was thrilled to see reflections on everything from Tolkien to Intelligent Design, and regular posts on poetry. Since then, I have had the privilege of meeting the Wittingshire family, and the friendship has provided cyber-movie dates, prayer support and lists of mystery authors I had never heard of. Now they live much further away, but I continue to be challenged by the writing, poetry and links. Oh, and the photography? Beautiful. When I look carefully at the pictures, it causes me to think through the light, the angle, the composition of all my future pictures.


If you need a good list of books to read or enjoy long reflections on movies, beautiful stories of extended family, very humorous Friday Five mishaps...then Magistramater is for you. I love how she thinks and how she writes. She is high on my list of "blog sistahs" I have to meet. Someday...

Dominion Family

I somehow missed this blog for years, but it is now on my regular route. The two things that pulled me there initially are Wendell Berry and CiRCE, but the thoughts on home education are excellent. And the humor...the chapter-at-a-time story Death of a Blogger is painfully funny.

The Autumn Rain

I hope it is legal to assign awards to family members, for Autumn Rain is my much-loved adopted niece. In the midst of her very successful first year of college, her writing DOES make me think. As a writing and philosophy major, she crafts a blog post like nobody's business. Reading The Autumn Rain is a pleasure...but no substitute for sitting across the table where I can see the twinkle in her eyes. August, dear niece, can't come soon enough.

Little Old House

Another blogger-turned-real-life-friend, Tonia has made me think since I found her old blog Intent a couple of years ago. Tonia doesn't settle for the easy way out, the comfortable answer in the Christian life; she wrestles with things, and she expresses her insights with captivating words. Her life in the country is lived with purpose and focus, and with a splash of whimsy that makes her a dear friend.

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