Monday, December 01, 2008

Not a ligament

Remember Game Keeper's thumb?
After a trip to the orthopedist, it is now Bony Game Keeper's thumb.
Not a torn ligament...a broken bone.
The plan: six weeks in the cast and healed.

Well, that's my plan. If it still hurts (the thought is it still hurts now because of the presence of scar tissue instead of bone-to-bone healing) he will have to have surgery. As we play the waiting game, Mr. Game Keeper is learning to write with his right hand. Debate argument flows are going to be a challenge.

I guess I'll just view this as our continued effort to stimulate the local economy. Xray technicians, front office staff, physicians in our local community have no fear for the future; our family (and our PRAISE GOD unbelievable health insurance) will keep the whole medical cruise ship afloat for months to come.

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