This week's gratitude

Rain-related gratitude (after a Monday of rain)....

267. Flowers were watered.
268. The air smelled clean, earthy, perfect.
269. Raindrops were falling in the pre-dawn dark, the perfect waking music.
270. Everything looked so green against the steel-gray sky.
271. Flannel sheets and flannel jammies make it cozy to wake up (and harder to actually get out of bed.)

Friends make gratitude easy....

272. Dale who fixed our van door.
273. Doug who came over to watch movies.
274. Heather who sends funny cards and sweet emails and has a birthday today.
275. Kate whose heart is in D.C. this week.
276. - 291. The hardworking friends who gave time to the Eagle project this weekend.
292. and 293. Ladies who are willing to be the village it takes to raise an Eagle Scout.
294. - 296. Speech and debate club partners in crime, there to share in the joy and the insanity.

Daughter getting settled into her new town gratitude....

297. The beloved tutor and family who met her at the train station.
298. The two Latin students she has lined up.
299. The friends who moved far away and are now close by.
300. Email, chatting, texting, cell phones and Facebook for bridging the miles in comforting ways.

Sometimes gratitude feels like a difficult choice, but I am never disappointed in the result of listing out all the good. It changes my perspective and wakes me up to the facts that go beyond/behind/above the more dismal reality of broken cars and dirty bathrooms, of arguments and worries.

holy experience

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