Mr. 49

My favorite man in the world has now been alive for forty-nine years!

We celebrated yesterday, since working for a living gets in the way of celebrating on a Monday.
Dutch babies - YUMOLA!

And then we took a trip to our favorite winery with dear friends.  

Good wine, good conversation, great friends.  And the rain waited to really pour until we got home!

Happy birthday, sweetheart.


DebD said…
Happy Birthday to your husband. May God grant him many years. I really love the "you are Special Today" plate. What a lovely idea. I may just have to steal it.
elizabeth said…
Many many years! What a blessing of God! Lovely pictures...
Mary: said…
Lovely. Happy Birthday
Belated wishes.
stephseef said…
happy birthday John! We got that red plate for Christmas last year and never used it ONCE this year. Thanks for the reminder.

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