Saturday, August 13, 2011


Every year I go through mental and fiscal gymnastics to see if I can go to the annual CiRCE conference. Every year there is a roadblock; sometimes it's time, sometimes it's money, often it's family needs. This year there was EVERY roadblock possible. It was very obvious I was NOT supposed to attend, even though the topic is one I have been wrestling with deeply for the last three years: What is Man? A Contemplation of the Divine Image.

At least now I can listen to some of the talks.  Want to join me?  You can find the talks online, some free and some for cost:

CiRCE free audio library

2011 CiRCE Conference talks for purchase

A special note:  One of the reasons I was so sorry to miss this year's conference is that my dear friend Marcia Brim (from Brimwood Press) spoke on narrative theology, specifically the Genesis 1-3 text.  We've had conversations on this topic at our annual lunches for the last few years; I would have LOVED to be there to participate in the discussion that was birthed from her talk.  I highly recommend you listen to Teaching Theology through Story.  It can be found in that second link, just scroll down to the end of the list.

I am already looking ahead to 2012...maybe this time the road will be clear. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Diane! I've always thought it would be great to attend a CiRCE conference, too, but so far have only been able to enjoy the recordings. I've shared these links with my support group, so they can enjoy them, too.
-Susan M.

A Circle of Quiet said...


Did you notice John Patrick on the list? I thought of you.

Maybe we can go together some year.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that he was giving the famous "Hittites" talk.

I'd love to meet you at CiRCE someday when the road is clear for both of us.