A gift of grace

Shortly after we arrived in Cannon Beach for our vacation, my friend Angela came to our room bearing a gift. Little did I know what beauty was wrapped in that simple brown paper.

We only see each other for a week each summer at the conference center, and yet she has prayed for us through my mom's illness and reached out to our family in many thoughtful ways.

But this quilt...oh my! Part of the gift is knowing that the fabric choice and piecing and careful stitching are bathed in prayer. This is a gift of grace to me.

There's no way around the fact that the last two years have been difficult ones, and the last nine months particularly so. Amidst it all, though, there are kind friends, generous gifts and quilted beauty. It really does make a difference.

Thank you, Angela.  Your friendship is a gift to us.


Skeller said…
ooooh, this just touches my heart. such a beautiful, wonderful gift.
Carol in Oregon said…
What grace! What a gift! What a friend! All God's blessings.
Claire said…
So true, thanks for being such an awesome frind to us all Angela!

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